Top Tips for Summer Filler Aftercare

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Friday, 21st June marks the first day of British summer and with this comes a wave of excitement to flaunt new-found confidence with freshly plumped lips, not only allowing you to save on the makeup but to embrace the beachy look that leaves you feeling your best. With that, here are our top tips for maintaining [...]

Can You Dissolve REVOLAX ?

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When having a dermal filler injected by a trained Aesthetician the rate of serious complication is quite low, however, it is an incidence which still needs to be prepared for. Some of these serious complications such as allergic reactions or vascular occlusions, can only be dealt with by dissolving the filler. REVOLAX would like to answer [...]

REVOLAX makes quality affordable… but how?

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The newest HA Dermal Filler on the European market has already changed the face of the industry, combining high quality with affordability. Clinical studies have proven that REVOLAX is equal in quality to the leading dermal filler brands on the market and can easily play in the big leagues. Now we want to answer the [...]

REVOLAX, South Korean Dermal Filler – The Best Import Since Samsung

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For years, South Korea has established itself on the global market and keeps presenting one innovative product after another. They gave us the first MP3 Player, Samsung electronics and Nano 3D printing. K-Pop flooded European radios in 2012 when PSY brought us Gangnam Style and is now more popular than ever thanks to the boy band [...]

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